YouConv - The easiest way to download YouTube videos

How to download YouTube Mp3 ?

Follow this tutorial to discover how to download music from YouTube

1 - Select the video you want to download from YouTube

Browse to and search for the music video you want to download

2 - Copy the YouTube address to clipboard

To copy the address of the music you want to download, use the shortcut CTRL-C (Windows) or COMMAND-C (OS X)

3 - Visit to download YouTube MP3

Simply go the , this website allows you to download YouTube Mp3 to you PC easily and for free

4 - Paste the YouTube address into the field

Paste the previously copied address into the field. To do this, hit CTRL-V (Windows) or COMMAND-V (OS X) into the field

5 - Click the button to get the music from YouTube on your PC

Click the Audio button to download the music from the YouTube video. It will directly start the download of the music from YouTube

6 - Enjoy the music you downloaded from YouTube

You just download a music from YouTube ! Now enjoy it on your PC, play the YouTube music on your iPhone, copy the music to iTunes or simply play it on Android !